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About us
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Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemical Group (HNFG) was set up in December 2008 , RMB 150 million Yuan being invested by Hunan Nonferrous Metals Investment Co., Ltd.(HNMICO) which  is subsidiary to Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holding Group Co.,Ltd.(HNG) .

At the moment, HNFG majors in Fluorides industry, especially in producing Aluminum Fluoride and Synthetic Cryolite used in Aluminum Smelters. HNFG is the biggest manufacture of fluorides with more than 20 series of Fluoride products and annual capacity of over 200 thousand metric tons. The subsidiaries of the Group include Hunan Nonferrous Xiangxiang Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., (HNXF)Hunan Nonferrous Hengdong Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., HNHF)Hunan Nonferrous Chenzhou Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., (HNCF)Hunan Nonferrous Kunming Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd., (HNKF)Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemical International Trading Co., Ltd. (HNFT)and Hunan Nonferrous Fluoride Chemical  Science and Technology Development Corporation.

After nearly 50 years of development, Hunan Nonferrous Xiangxiang Fluoride Chemical Co., Ltd.(formerly Hunan Xianglv Company Ltd.) and Hengdong Co., Ltd. have established “Xianglv” brand  which is  well-known both at home and abroad and have trained a number of highly qualified technical professionals.  We introduced, absorbed and innovated the Buss process and have reached world leading level. We’ve obtained a number of technology breakthroughs in producing Synthetic Cryolite and Potassium Fluoborate from fluosilicic acid, which is our independent intellectual property rights .
Fluoride Chemical industry is an important part in the development of HNG and plays a powerful role in reaching HNG’s  next ten years’ goal: with the turnover of  100 billion to access into the world's top 500 enterprises. In order to reach the goal earlier HNFG will make the best use of its technology, brand, talent, markets and resources to create the world's most competitive fluorine chemical industry to build itself  into an international and modernized enterprise with mining, R&D, production and trading .

HNFG will catch hold of the exterior opportunity to develop  fluorine industry with focus and characteristics and will focus on AlF3 also develop other fluorides to achieve an annual output of 216,000 tons of  HBD  fluoride aluminum which includes 36,000 tons of low impurity HBD aluminum fluoride, 50,000 tons of cryolite, 60,000 tons of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and 20,000 tons of other fluoride products in the near three years. It will Strive to be listed on A shares in 2012 so that HNFG will be more competitive in fluorine industry and  enhance it's market position, expanding the company's reputation and brand influence.

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